Romantic Ideas For Showing Your Love

Being romantic is about creating thoughtful surprises that show your love. We do this because we want the people we love to not just feel it, but see it! When they feel special from our thoughtful surprises it brings us a sense of deeper connection and happiness. We all have a deep burning desire to feel close to each other, and romance is the manifestation of this desire.

Fortunately, romance is our nature, but sometimes we need examples of romantic ideas to help inspire our creativity. The collection of ideas found here will help fuel your romantic nature by showing you the best romantic words, gifts and experiences so that you can show your love!

Romance is the ship that will carry you deeper into the heart of loves current.

Desire to show love is where it starts, but it takes more than desire to be a successful romantic. To learn more on how to be a successful romantic read the guide found here.

In a nutshell, you are successfully romantic when you are giving your love.

To simplify things you can break down the giving of love into three categories; words, gifts and experiences.

Use romantic words in the form of quotes, poems and sayings


Give Words

  • Romantic Quotes
  • Romantic Poems
  • Romantic Sayings


Give romantic gifts for her, for him and for couples


Give Gifts

  • Romantic Gifts for Her
  • Romantic Gifts for Him
  • Gift Ideas for Couples


Give romantic experiences as date ideas, bedroom ideas and romantic getaway ideas


Give Experiences

  • Romantic Date Ideas
  • Romantic Bedroom Ideas
  • Romantic Getaways (romantic getaway ideas)


There are so many options to choose from, so which category is most effective? This is actually a trick question…

What a Successful Romantic Knows That You Don’t

They know the secret sauce; when you give, give fully.

Each of the above categories of giving your love are effective by themselves, but when you give all three you’re sure to be a successful romantic too!

For example start by sending your partner a love poem you wrote for them. At the end of the poem illusively allude to a romantic date you have planned later in the evening. Later, near the end of your wonderful date experience, you surprise him or her with a thoughtful gift.

Understand Your Differences

It is well documented that men choose to be romanic for different reasons than women. And women like to be romanced differently than men. Women choose romance to feel alive in the relationship, while men choose romance to create stability in the relationship. Men want things to be emotionally ok with their woman, and women want to know they’re safe to feel in the relationship. These are the differences that drive our choices and our results, and yet what is beneath it all is a deep desire for love to be expressed and known.

A Message to Men

You play to win, winning is when your partner feels safe, special and deeply loved. Focus your efforts on paying more attention to when she gets ‘emotional’. Notice what brings her tears of joy, that’s when you know she is being touched deeply which is all she ever wanted from you in the first place.

Men, be sure to checkout the complete list of romantic ideas for her.

A Message to Women

You are not playing, to you it’s not a game, but your man is. So you are winning when your guy feels like the man. Focus your energy on cultivating situations where he gets to be the celebrated hero. Notice when he is most strongly in his masculine power and give him space to be this fully because it’s what he was made to do.

Women, be sure to checkout the complete list of romantic ideas for him.